Captain Jason Holtz, born and raised in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a fourth generation marlin captain. Jason got hooked on offshore fishing at a very young age by spending weekends with his father, who is still charter fishing after 50 years.

After attending college Jason went to work as a deckhand for some of Kona’s most renowned skippers. Jason’s passion for the sport led him to a job on the “globetrotting” mother ship operation “God’s Will” and “God’s Favor”(formerly “Madame and Hooker”) where he saw marlin fishing as good as it gets.

Traveling with world famous captains Trevor Cockle and Bubba Carter he chased marlin in over 10 countries. For 4 years, Jason saw the world from a 48 foot game boat, fishing in many of the world’s hotspots, such as Brazil, Cape Verde, Madeira, Bom Bom island, Ascension Island, and much of Central America. During these travels the the fishing team caught multiple “Grander” sized marlin up to 1337#.

Maybe more impressive than the number of big fish he’s caught for his clients is the fact that many of them were in high stake, big money tournaments, with wins approaching $800,000 in recent years.

Not only does he boast a truly impressive resume, Jason is also a very down to earth and like-able guy to fish with. He aims to impress and will surely make your day pleasant and enjoyable whether you are an angler looking for your first fish or a seasoned veteran looking for that trophy fish of a lifetime.


  2013 September Challenge – 1st Place 619# marlin
  2013 Firecracker open – Top Money winner
 2012 Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament – 1st place “Henry Chee” Award
  2012 Series Champion – 1st place 940# Marlin
  2012 Kona Kick Off – 1st place 757# Marlin
  2011 Kona Kick off – Top Money Winner
  2010 Kona Classic – Top Money winner
2009 Marlin Magic Lure Tournament – 1st place 782# Marlin
2008 Firecracker open- Biggest Ahi – 198#
  2007 Big Island Marlin Tournament – 1st Place 911# Marlin

 One of 3 Captains to weigh 3 species of Marlin over 1000 pounds.
Unofficially the only captain to catch a 1000# marlin in every Ocean
 2013 – Top money winner of Hawaii Marlin Tourney Series
 2012 – Winner of prestigious “Henry Chee” award.
  2012 – Caught 628#, 757#, 940# Marlin, All in Tournaments
  2010 – Caught 1104# Pacific Blue Marlin
 2009 – 782# Blue in MM lure Tournament
 2007 – 911# Blue in BIMT tournament
 2006 – 941# Black on 50# test
 2006 – 3rd top release boat, Cairns marlin season 92 marlin
 2005 – Top release boat for Cairns season-94 Marlin
 2005 – World record, Black marlin 973# Junior
 2005 – World record, Black Marlin 565# small-fry
 2005 – World record, Blue Marlin 490# on 20# test womens
  2004 – 9 Blue Marlin in a day (personal best)
 2004 – Released estimated 999# Blue marlin
 2003 – World record, Blue marlin 433# on 20# test
 2002 – 1337# atlantic Blue marlin, Ascension island (unofficially 3rd biggest in the Atlantic)
  2002 – 1145# Atlantic Blue marlin
  2002 – 265# yellowfin tuna (personal best)
 2001 – 15 Striped Marlin in one day (personal best)
  2001 – 55 Sailfish in one day (personal best)
  2001 – World record, flyfishing- 94# Striped Marlin on 6# test
  1999 – World record, Yellowfin Tuna 164# Junior
1999 – Won Rolex heavy tackle tournament and Okoe Bay Tournament
  1994 – 897# blue marlin with my father (our best at the time)

Jason’s great grandfather was a member of the Balboa angling club in California and made trips to the islands in the 1930’s to catch Blue Marlin. This seeded the bloodline of deep sea fishing in the Holtz family.

In 1939 his grandfather settled in Waikiki and had Mike, Jason’s father in 1948. Not many people in those days fished for Marlin or even new how to identify them, but Harold and Mike Holtz were out there doing it in their 30 foot sportfisher. It became a way of life. Jason’s father Mike knew he wanted to do nothing else and began working on one of the few charter operations out of Honolulu at the age of 16 in 1964. He later moved to beautiful Kona to continue his fishing career where he raised Jason in an avid sport fishing lifestyle.

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