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Lucky Alex is in Town!

Alex, My Deckies wife and present Pacific All Tackle women’s world record holder with a 960# caught on the Luna with Capt. Chip Van Mols. We had a few days off so decided to get her out on the water for a couple days and try our luck (more of hers than ours). On day one we got her a scrappy blue to warm her up.
Day 2 I will remember for ever, as the real big fish you get a good look at usually do, and I got some good looks a this one. We had already released one about 400# out of a double header. About an hour later a really large blue marlin showed up on our short corner “Kaboom: made by Tantrum”. After eventually getting it on Alex fought it for 10 mins while we watched a show of jumps of a grander plus size Marlin. We eventually jumped it off but was the reason we go out there.

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Jason HoltzLucky Alex is in Town!